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Public sex is a fantasy for many people, and while few may partake in such activities, it’s a popular searches genre on Pornhub. Public sex fantasies may involve having sex as an exhibitionist, or the chance of being seen by voyeur types. In 2017 Stellar Magazine reached out to see how Ireland stacks up against the world when it comes to getting it on in public.

During Porn Hub’s 2017 Irish reviews, including Regional Searches and Irish Women, the statisticians discovered that Ireland’s visitors were proportionately much more interested in public sex searches compared to the rest of the world.

Worldwide the “Public” category ranks 27th, but in Ireland, it manages to break the top 20. Irish visitors are 45% more likely to search for public sex of any sort. “Outdoor” related searches are 170% more popular than elsewhere in the world, “Voyeur” is 75% more popular and “Exhibitionist” is 53% more popular.

Ireland’s most popular searches containing “public” include “real public sex”, “caught in public” and “public beach sex”. Popular “outdoor” related searches in Ireland include “outdoor quickie”, “outdoor cruising” and “outdoor gangbang”. Those interested in spying like to search for “beach voyeur”, “voyeur changing room” and “window voyeur”. Exhibitionist searches include “exhibitionist wife” and “public beach exhibitionist”. It would seem that beaches are a popular fantasy within this genre.

Our statisticians found that Irish women were 35% more likely to search for any form of public sex (compared to Irish men), and the 18 to 24 age group was proportionately 29% more likely to seek (compared to all other age groups). The popularity of public sex porn seems to drop off as the age of Irish visitors increases, as it’s more than 60% less popular with visitors over the age of 55.

Regionally, visitors from Monaghan are proportionately 27% less likely to search for public sex when compared to the rest of Ireland, while visitors from Kilkenny are 25% more likely.

The following chart illustrates regional popularity based on searches relating to “public”, “outdoor”, “voyeur” and “exhibitionist”.

We hope you enjoyed this peep at Ireland’s public porn fantasies. Source Porn Hub and come graphic resources courtesy of

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XBIZ Berlin, set for 9-12 September 2020 culminating with the XBIZ Europa Awards.

Setting a new standard for European event excellence, XBIZ Berlin conference returns to The Catalonia Berlin Mitte Hotel, uniting paysites, producers, and performers in an intimate setting that explores profitable avenues in online adult. Join an international group of industry pros and newcomers for cutting-edge insights, networking activities and exclusive special events. Sex Survey has revealed the results from their annual sex survey, which aims to show how much cash men and women typically spend on lingerie per year.

While nearly 83 percent of those polled reported they spent less than $100 per year on lingerie, nearly 16 percent said they spent between $100 and $500 per year. Less than two percent of the respondents said they spent over $500 per year.

When broken down between males and females, the results were nearly the same for the company.

While 84 percent of the men and 81 percent of the women said they spent less than $100 on undies each year, 14 percent of the men and 17 percent of the women spent between $100 and $500 per year. And 1.73 percent of the men vs. 1.75 percent of the women admitted they spend more than $500 each year.

Dr Jenni Skyler, a resident sexologist at Adam & Eve, thinks these numbers do not tell the whole story, explaining, “In the United States, lingerie is a $13 billion industry. But there is a big difference between cotton underpants and sports bras and corsets, nighties and fantasy-wear.”

“Many people view lingerie as an important part of foreplay and intimacy,” she added. “Whether wearing lingerie makes you feel more sensual, or you choose to wear it for your partner, the act of wearing it and removing it plays an important role for many in the bedroom. I encourage couples to find out if lingerie can be a part of their sexual repertoire.”

Chad Davis, director of marketing for Adam & Eve, said, “Adam & Eve carries a wide variety of lingerie and fantasy-wear in all styles and sizes. From teddies to nightgowns to crotchless panties, has something for everyone’s style and comfort level.”

According to a rep, the web-based survey — which was sponsored by Adam & Eve “to study sexual preferences and practices” — was conducted by an independent third-party survey company and polled over 1,000 American adults ages 18 and up.

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